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Time for Panel Play!

Now that Thanksgiving is over and Halloween is just around the corner the days are really speeding up!  The next thing you know Christmas will be here and at Sew Have Fun we have all the tools to help you create some super projects before it gets here!  For a limited time purchase one Panel and get the second of equal or lesser value at 50% off!

It is the season of New Machine Models and as we get closer to the Creative Show I know many are looking forward to the latest marvels!  A reminder that we will be matching all show Prices at Sew Have Fun!  We are happy to offer personalized classes with our machines and a free service at one year.  We’ll be making room for new models as well so if a brand new machine is not in the cards for you consider one of our demo models, same warranty, service, and one on one learning!

Down the Country Road and an Evening with Celeste

Soon we will be conducting our “Down the Country Road” Shop Hop.  You will have the opportunity to visit eight amazing stores, pick up free patterns and put your name in a draw for some super amazing prizes!  Sept 28-30.

On September 29 at 7pm we are hosting “An Evening With Celeste”  Celeste is an accomplished sewer and quilter and brings to us the famous Shweshwe Fabric from South Africa.  She will entertain us with a Trunk Show and informative talk about the history of Shweshwe.  Tickets are $10.


Summer Sewing Camp is right around the corner!

Sewing is a valuable life skill – but it is also a lot of fun! There was a time when all children, both girls and boys, were taught to sew, and basic sewing skills were expected. Now many kids grow up even incapable of sewing on a button. But you can change that!

Did you know that sewing nurtures creativity, develops coordination, and boosts confidence? A camp or class can help the local Girl Scout or Cub Scout group earn a badge.  Keep watching for updates, we’ll let you know what weeks we will offer our camp.  We generally do a different project every day, everyone has fun and learns a lot of techniques that become building blocks for confidence and skills that last a lifetime!

A January Thaw!

With all the rain we’ve had recently aren’t you glad the temperature has been mild…think of all the shoveling and snow banks we are not getting!  We are waiting for the other shoe to drop though!  In the mean while our classes are carrying on, Fashion classes are off to a roaring start and the enthusiasm is catching!  I have a skirt ready to hem!  Beginner Quilting begins Wednesday, Feb 8 at noon.  Each class is $25 and includes fabric!  A wonderful way to learn a great skill and make sewing friends too!  Check our Calendar regularly, we are always adding new classes.  Some great Bags, Purses, and Wallets coming and with some we’ll be using our fabulous Cork Fabric!

See you soon!

Day 12 (Dec 17)

Just like the song, you get all the specials today!

30% off all cottons,

Patterns 30% off.

Batiks 30% off.

All Books 30% off.

30% off Irons.

Rotary Cutters, Scissors and blades 30% off.

Fat Quarters 3$ each.

Flannels 30% off

30% off All kits.

All rulers 30% off.

Extra wide Quilt Backing including the extra wide Minkee 30% off!

Merry Christmas!