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Leftover Turkey and Boxing Blowout

Turkey Leftovers

Somehow we are left with lots of turkey this year, must have been a big bird, or it could be that we snacked all afternoon and were already full by the time we sat at the lovely Christmas table. (Decorated with a lovely Table Runner of course!)

We look forward to a tastey Turkey sandwich at lunch and here’s how we change it up. Take all the little bits of turkey, you know the ones that would fall out a sandwich as soon as you took a bite.  Put in a saucepan or microwaveable pan and heat with barBQ sauce and spoon over buns or bread.  This changes the taste so that you don’t get tired of the turkey and will eat it all before tossing it in the freezer and forget about it until Easter!

Thus fortified we will head to the store and finish preparing for the sale on Dec 27, 28.

You will find it worthwhile, bring a turkey leftover recipe and receive a gift!

Select fat quarters 5 for $10

Books $5-$10

Select Patterns $2-$5

All Thread buy 1 get 1 free

Select Fashion Fabric 50% off

Minkee Specially Priced

And SEW much more!

Our Floor Models are priced to go!

Friday Dec 27 10-7pm

Saturday Dec 28 10-5pm

Closed Dec 29,30

Last Chance Sales

Tuesday Dec 31 10-4pm

Closed Jan 1  Happy New Year

Open Jan 2-4 10-4pm

Christmas Eve Hours

Down to the quilt shop quilters go,
Out comes the mastercard all aglow.
Out through the checkout with lots of stuff,
All for the quilts and tools and such
Chorus: Sew-sew-sew,
Who wouldn’t sew.
Go-go-go who wouldn’t go
Down to the quilt shop
Out through the checkout with lots to snip!
First are the UFOs in the drawers,
So many there we can’t ignore.
Finish them all, do them one by one,
Finish them all then we’ll have more fun!
Next come the quilts that are in our heads,
All that we’ve planned for all the beds,
One for the master and one for the guest,
We’ll stitch them all and do our best!
Last we’ll make some gifts for all our friends,
Quilts and placemats without end;
Coasters and hot pads an apron too!
Wrap in fat quarters, dent that stash-do!

We are open 10-4pm for all your last minute shopping and needs!

Going on Holiday? Bring your machine in for a “Day at the Spa”

A Day at the Spa

She knew she’d done well. The satisfied sigh she heard as the last few stitches were completed told her she’d soon get a rest. Not that she needed it, but she did feel sluggish. That pretty pink calico added the perfect touch but my, oh my, had it left a lot of lint! And before that there were the Christmas pajamas for all the grandchildren, so many of them but of course all seven needed new pajamas for Christmas Eve. Halloween costumes had been on the slate before that, a Dorothy and a Scarecrow, a clown and patches on grandpa’s old overalls for a hobo. The neighbor’s daughter had got married and she had been pressed into service at the last minute for one of the bride’s maid dresses and the flower girl, too. In between all of these was the block of the month and a couple of small quilts for the charity club at the guild. As the power was switched off she wondered what would be next. A table runner or perhaps another quilt; maybe a blue one this time, blue was her favourite colour! She hoped it wouldn’t be one of those rag quilts, she didn’t think she could take one of those. Her feed dogs and hook were already so full of lint and she could tell it was creeping into her gears. It wouldn’t be long before her moving parts groaned like an arthritic old woman and she was really afraid she might let someone down if she wasn’t treated to a good cleaning and some new oil would be great, too.

T’was the night before Christmas…

T’was the night before Christmas, but I wasn’t asleep.
I was locked in my sewing room, projects knee deep.
The stockings were waiting to be finished and bound, but no bias tool or thread could be found!
On the front lawn there arose such a clatter,I flew to the door to see what was the matter.
St. Nic and his crew had stopped on their way to bring glory and gifts to the world today.
Santa! I cried, I’m all out of kilter, what do you have in your bag for a quilter?
He smiled as he pulled from the back of the sleigh, a patchwork bag to make my day.
Cutters and rulers and so much more, I gasped as I saw the fabric galore.
Northcott and Kaufman and Elf on the Shelf, Dear Santa I cried there’s too much for myself!
Let’s share all these goodies to cure a quilters pains. I put down my sewing and grabbed hold of the reins.
We laughed and called out as the sleigh took flight,
Happy Sewing to all and to all a good night!

What’s happening on Friday?

Come for Tea Dec 6…Some Christmas demos and ideas, some show and tell (that’s you) some draws and prizes and of course some goodies!  Bring a friend, it’s always a good time and you will leave inspired and a little more ready for Christmas!

Fill out your Christmas wish list and send your Santa to us, we’ll do the wrapping!

See you soon!