Monthly Archives: April 2014

Happy Anniversary to Us!

A lot has happened in Four years and YOU make every day worth it!

Obviously word about our store has been spreading and we appreciate each and every person who shared our store information this year.  As a result our sewing community is growing and there is nothing more exciting than sharing the love of sewing and encouraging all of you in your sewing journey.

You are going to love our line-up of classes, each a unique and special project, and sure to stand out in the crowd whether a gift or something special to keep for yourself!

The next FREE Sew Along is April 19, other dates are May 17 and June liz_robitaille_200021.  Our Sew Alongs usually start at 10 am, some bring a snack, some bring a lunch and stay all day!

We’ve begun our new Block of the Month, Seasons of Change. This is a fabulous project for learning multiple techniques and finishes in a cohesive and attractive quilt; you will have such a sense of accomplishment and will have the confidence to move on to more challenging projects.

The Piecemakers (as pictured ) is just underway so it is certainly not too late to join.  We have two classes, Fusible method on the 3rd Thursday morning and Needleturn on the 4th Thursday Evening. Thanks to our Teachers who share their wealth of knowledge and skills, and thanks to all of you who make it worth it!