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Super Saturday

Dec 27 is a special day…all the Twelve Days of Christmas deals will be offered for one day only!

Our sewing tools have changed a lot since this picture was first published but the sense of excitement is just the same!

The Super Saturday Sale has been on the December calendar just so you could have something to look forward to…what would you put on a super sale?

You would probably want to get all the deals offered for the Twelve Days of Christmas!

Buy one pattern, get one of equal or lesser value free.

30% off Batting, Stabilizers, Plain Cottons, Regular priced books, cutting mats, Irons, and Precuts

Needles, Scissors, Rotary Cutters and Flannels 50% off.

Best Press 16oz bottle $5.99.

Christmas Cottons 50% off.

And check our $5 bin, it has been restocked!

We’ll have the coffee on and we are bringing cookies, see you there!

Open Tuesday December 23 till 5pm, Wednesday December 24.  Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and all the best in the New Year!

Flannels and Christmas kits and fabics 50% off!download (2)

Comfy and Cozy are We!

We are getting closer to that Christmas Eve deadline!  Don’t you love giving new pajamas for Christmas eve, and just in the nic of time our Flannels are all 50% off for day 12, December 20, of the Twelve days of Christmas!  Shop early for your best selection, these cuties are sure to go fast!  If you don’t have time for a whole set of pj’s just go with the pants and purchase a plain T-shirt that matches.  Even easier is a comfy pillowcase to dream of sugerplums!F20333-42 51878-1600710_1

The Unsung Hero

The store is full of lovely prints; most of them play well together but every once in a while you need the calming influence of a fabric with no design, no variance of shades or texture, just the clean crisp colour to highlight a design element of a project….even if it is the binding.  You will find Kona and Free2b0e1ddd09e28fde3f7cdaeba188daba Spirit cottons, both known for colorfast saturated colours in many shades and black and white.  Did you know you can order your own colour card for $15…how handy to have all the shades at your fingertips!

Day 11 of our Twelve days of Christmas December 19, save 30% off any PLAIN Fabrics.

Are You Stabilized?

What a Question at this time of year!  I’m sure with all the holiday demands you might feel pretty close to the edge but your Embroidery doesn’t have to add to the stress if you are using the right product.  There are so many stabilizers that will ease your machine embroidery, you’ll breeze through your gift making list!

One of our current favourites is the Peel and Stick Stabilizers in both a Tearaway and Washaway formula.  Don’t wrestle this into the hoop, draw the shape on the paper side, peel and stick to the underside of your hoop so that the sticky side is up!  Smooth your project in place, baste and embroider!

You will find these and all other stabilizers on sale, 30% off on Day 10 of our Twelve days of Christmas, December 18!

The Inside Story

Just in time for those last minute quilts we have batting on sale for day 9 of the twelve days of Christmas!  80/20 Batting will become your favourite, the softness and absorbancy of cotton has been combined with the strong and long polyester fibers to create a batting that is both comfortable and easy to care for.  You can quilt 80/20 batting as far as 10” apart without fearing that the batting will pile or bunch through years of laundering and use.

Handquilters will enjoy using Polydown; available in Queen size.  This downy white polyester batting is without slubs and very easy to needle and will not alter white fabrics used in your quilt the way natural coloured batting will.

Black batting is desired by those who walk on the dark side and make dark or black quilts.  There is nothing worse than creating a lovely black quilt and having the white batting fibers bearding through.

Your placemats, runners and even wallhangings will benefit using Fusible Fleece.  Gain control by using the fusible side of the fleece on either the front or back of your project, this thin batting will give enough loft to create texture when quilted but not so much that your runner or placemats will cause cups to wobble and tip if you place them on the edge.

Whichever batting you use, stock up today while the price is right!  You save 30% on day 9, Dec 17th!42fd90ca2d237abaa130061db2e22571

Day 8 Best Press Half Price!

Mary Ellen is known as a practical problem solver with an entertaining and innovative approach to dealing with everyday tasks. Mary Ellen has generated huge sales not only in the publishing industry but also for related cleaning and household care products. Millions of readers of her books and magazines, and her television audience, consider her a credible spokesperson and follow her advice and her recommendations.

Mary Ellen grew up in Minneapolis collecting time—and energy-saving hints—where to stow the laundry so it won’t mildew until you’re ready to iron it (the freezer), how to get gum out of hair (peanut butter), what to do when a bee is pestering you (put it out of commission with a spritz of hair spray). She compiled her hints and published her favorites in a spiral-bound paperback book, The Best of Helpful Hints.

She went on to start Mary Ellen Home Care Products featuring a full line of cleaning products including Mary Ellen’s Best Press, one of our favourite products when it comes to preparing your fabric before sewing, during the sewing process, and even when you are done!

If you prewash your fabric use Mary Ellen’s Best Press to starch the fabric, doing so makes the fabric easier to cut and handle and helps with accuracy.  If you don’t prewash there is always that pesky fold line from the fabric being on the bolt.  Spray the Best Press from the wrong side and watch that fold relax, it disappears completely  when pressed.  Using Best Press helps with accuracy when cutting and sewing bias shapes as we often do when quilting.  Once your project is finished Best Press inhibits dust from settling into the fabric and so prolongs the life of Wall Hangings and runners, the kind of things we don’t wash often.ScentFree FQS-BOM-block-2-back-before-copy FQS-BOM-block-2-back-after-pressing-copy

Language Class

Have you ever noticed quilters speak a different language! It’s about fabric and the ways that we use it, and there are so many different ways, some haven’t even been invented yet!  The fabric suppliers have presented us with precuts which are groups of fabrics that party well together and just make it easier for the creative process; precuts save you time because they are already broken down to a user friendly size.  On day 7 of our Twelve Days of Christmas, Dec 13, all precuts are 30%off!  They would fit nicely into your stocking!  Strip packs, layer cakes, charm packs, fat quarters, and Moda Scrap packs included. 9e946519acc3a098a9dfb6872a9bf4cc

Reading one book is like eating one potato chip!

There is nothing like sitting in the quiet with a cup of coffee or tea and a book open on your lap!  With every turn of the page you can be inspired and unlock the secrets of new concepts!  For Day 6 (Dec 12) of our Twelve days of Christmas enjoy a 30% discount on regular priced in stock books!  There is some real gems, from traditional to modern, strip techniques, applique, bags and so many more!  They make a great gift!

Also beginning Friday, Dec 12 our Christmas fabrics are 30% off!


A Welcome Mat

A New Cutting mat is certainly a welcome mat and for Day 5 (Dec 11) of our Twelve days of Christmas all cutting mats are 30% off!  We have them large and small, priced from 79.99-16.99, sized 36″ x 58″ to 8 x 8″!

It is recommended that you soak your mat from time to time.  Just like our skin our self healing mats love moisture.

To soak it, put your mat in a bathtub or large container (would have to be large so it can lay flat) and soak it for 15-20 minutes in a solution of 1/4 cup white vinegar to every gallon of cool water. Do this every so often to help extend its useful life.

If you can’t soak your mat moisten well with a towel soaked in a solution of water and white vinegar.

Then use a squirt of mild dishwashing soap  and clean the mat with a soft brush (such as a mushroom brush).  A gentle scouring will remove the fibers that get trapped in the cuts preventing the cuts from “healing” and will also extend the life of your mat.


Exciting News!  We have the Pixie Cutting table by Arrow in stock!  This handy table is a great height for your cutting and folds down when you need the space, it comes with a cutting mat that fits end to end!  Santa priced at $479!download (2) download images