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Perfect Pressing Produces Professional Projects!

I used to sing this to my young students when they moaned about using the iron but pressing really does make a difference.

If you ask any topnotch sewer or quilter how their seams always look so good they would tell you that they spend almost as much time using their iron as their sewing machine! Pressing the seam as you sewed it melds the threads with the fabrics. If you are pressing seams to the dark side, put the dark on top, put the iron on the right side of your “light” block and use the edge of the iron to push the dark block away from you. Phewww, it is hard putting into words what is done on automatic pilot. Pressing from the right side reduces those pesky pleats that can reduce accuracy. On day 4 , December 10, 64ce50041cd8592f0d851f6162d2391f 4511ad0e4f25be6f26244e1ccca0b32e       of our Twelve Days save 30% off on any iron! We have big ones, and mini ones too!