Monthly Archives: February 2015

Not Enough Time!

We can’t wait for February to be over but then again we have so much work to do at the new store we need more days!  There has been some unexpected delays but things are really happening, solutions are revealing themselves.  So far we are on track to move during March break…if only there were more than 28 days in February!  Location Map

Some Sweetheart Deals

Did you ever wonder about the difference between 6 weight thread and 100 weight thread and all the others in between?  It would seem that the higher the number the thicker the thread but the opposite is the case.  30 weight thread means that 30 meters weighs 1 gram; 100 weight thread means 100 meters weighs 1 gram.  Now that is fine thread!  Just think how flat your seams will press when using finer threads.  Now you know and you can celebrate with BOGO…buy one thread get one of equal or lesser value for 50% off!  Sale ends Feb 14