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Who doesn’t want All Access?!

Anita Goodesign  All Access VIP Club


Imagine having the complete Anita Goodesign library. Sounds great, right? Anita Goodesign is making it possible by bringing our Club Program to a whole new level. Our All Access VIP Club gives you the opportunity to experience all Anita Goodesign has to offer.

With Anita’s All Access VIP Club you will receive every design collection we create, without exception. With your All Access VIP Membership, you will receive our larger collections like Special Editions, Premiums, and Premium Plus Collections, an added value of $1556 throughout the year. Plus, you’ll also receive exclusive bonus content like tutorials on special techniques and all of our curriculums!

When you upgrade to an All Access VIP Membership, you will receive all of the collections that are released each month on one DVD-Rom with an exclusive tutorial book with instructions for each project. Imagine having our illuminating tutorials already printed for you in beautiful color! Because everything is now included all in one, trading will be a thing of the past.