T’was the night before Christmas…

T’was the night before Christmas, but I wasn’t asleep.
I was locked in my sewing room, projects knee deep.
The stockings were waiting to be finished and bound, but no bias tool or thread could be found!
On the front lawn there arose such a clatter,I flew to the door to see what was the matter.
St. Nic and his crew had stopped on their way to bring glory and gifts to the world today.
Santa! I cried, I’m all out of kilter, what do you have in your bag for a quilter?
He smiled as he pulled from the back of the sleigh, a patchwork bag to make my day.
Cutters and rulers and so much more, I gasped as I saw the fabric galore.
Northcott and Kaufman and Elf on the Shelf, Dear Santa I cried there’s too much for myself!
Let’s share all these goodies to cure a quilters pains. I put down my sewing and grabbed hold of the reins.
We laughed and called out as the sleigh took flight,
Happy Sewing to all and to all a good night!