Christmas Eve Hours

Down to the quilt shop quilters go,
Out comes the mastercard all aglow.
Out through the checkout with lots of stuff,
All for the quilts and tools and such
Chorus: Sew-sew-sew,
Who wouldn’t sew.
Go-go-go who wouldn’t go
Down to the quilt shop
Out through the checkout with lots to snip!
First are the UFOs in the drawers,
So many there we can’t ignore.
Finish them all, do them one by one,
Finish them all then we’ll have more fun!
Next come the quilts that are in our heads,
All that we’ve planned for all the beds,
One for the master and one for the guest,
We’ll stitch them all and do our best!
Last we’ll make some gifts for all our friends,
Quilts and placemats without end;
Coasters and hot pads an apron too!
Wrap in fat quarters, dent that stash-do!

We are open 10-4pm for all your last minute shopping and needs!