Day 8 Best Press Half Price!

Mary Ellen is known as a practical problem solver with an entertaining and innovative approach to dealing with everyday tasks. Mary Ellen has generated huge sales not only in the publishing industry but also for related cleaning and household care products. Millions of readers of her books and magazines, and her television audience, consider her a credible spokesperson and follow her advice and her recommendations.

Mary Ellen grew up in Minneapolis collecting time—and energy-saving hints—where to stow the laundry so it won’t mildew until you’re ready to iron it (the freezer), how to get gum out of hair (peanut butter), what to do when a bee is pestering you (put it out of commission with a spritz of hair spray). She compiled her hints and published her favorites in a spiral-bound paperback book, The Best of Helpful Hints.

She went on to start Mary Ellen Home Care Products featuring a full line of cleaning products including Mary Ellen’s Best Press, one of our favourite products when it comes to preparing your fabric before sewing, during the sewing process, and even when you are done!

If you prewash your fabric use Mary Ellen’s Best Press to starch the fabric, doing so makes the fabric easier to cut and handle and helps with accuracy.  If you don’t prewash there is always that pesky fold line from the fabric being on the bolt.  Spray the Best Press from the wrong side and watch that fold relax, it disappears completely  when pressed.  Using Best Press helps with accuracy when cutting and sewing bias shapes as we often do when quilting.  Once your project is finished Best Press inhibits dust from settling into the fabric and so prolongs the life of Wall Hangings and runners, the kind of things we don’t wash often.ScentFree FQS-BOM-block-2-back-before-copy FQS-BOM-block-2-back-after-pressing-copy