The Inside Story

Just in time for those last minute quilts we have batting on sale for day 9 of the twelve days of Christmas!  80/20 Batting will become your favourite, the softness and absorbancy of cotton has been combined with the strong and long polyester fibers to create a batting that is both comfortable and easy to care for.  You can quilt 80/20 batting as far as 10” apart without fearing that the batting will pile or bunch through years of laundering and use.

Handquilters will enjoy using Polydown; available in Queen size.  This downy white polyester batting is without slubs and very easy to needle and will not alter white fabrics used in your quilt the way natural coloured batting will.

Black batting is desired by those who walk on the dark side and make dark or black quilts.  There is nothing worse than creating a lovely black quilt and having the white batting fibers bearding through.

Your placemats, runners and even wallhangings will benefit using Fusible Fleece.  Gain control by using the fusible side of the fleece on either the front or back of your project, this thin batting will give enough loft to create texture when quilted but not so much that your runner or placemats will cause cups to wobble and tip if you place them on the edge.

Whichever batting you use, stock up today while the price is right!  You save 30% on day 9, Dec 17th!42fd90ca2d237abaa130061db2e22571