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Nothing helps you get through a miserable winter like having something to look forward to! Imagine getting away from the pressures of work and family and spending the weekend doing what you love with no interruptions or household pressures.  Does working in a large bright space with other like-minded creative people, being able to focus on the projects at hand, no cooking or cleaning and usually plenty of laughter sound like your idea of fun?

Come away with us to Elim Lodge on Pigeon Lake for two or three nights.  We’ve booked Hawthorne house for our accommodations and will eat right next door in the dining room.

If you book before February 22 you pay only $260 (plus tax) for 3 nights and 9 meals, $200 ($226 with tax) for 2 nights and 6 meals.

7bdbbd9317b90436dfbb6d747b225438 ff71bbc7c9d0b19412e29692b4b28767Call or email soon!  905-728-7397 edith@sewhavefun.ca